10 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys Will Win the Super Bowl


5. NFC East is Weak

The NFC East has been weak for the past half decade and there is plenty of reason to believe that will continue in 2015. The Washington Redskins, a disaster in 2014, have shown little to suggest 2015 will be any different. They have a choice to make between bad quarterbacks, an overall roster that is short on talent and depth, and a head coach who plenty of people still doubt. The other two teams in the division should be better than the Redskins but they both are far from powerhouses. Many people believe in what Chip Kelly is doing in Philadelphia but they are by no means a finished product and are depending on a quarterback in Sam Bradford who didn’t play last year and missed 9 games in 2013 due to injury. The Giants could be dangerous if their offense can build on the success they had after the emergence of Odell Beckham Jr., but they are a team that will be over dependent on a key players staying healthy all year. If Dallas continues the success they had last year, they could runaway with their division and be in the running for a first-round bye in the playoffs.

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