8 Biggest NFL Free Agent Busts

javon walker

Do you like to gamble? If so, you just might enjoy being a General Manager of an NFL team. Gambling is what GM’s do during the off-season. They gamble when selecting draft picks, and they gamble just as much during free agency. Free agency is the time where teams scout active NFL players that aren’t currently under contract and decide whether or not they are interested in signing those athletes. Teams then put in an offer each free agent they are interested in, and wait to see if that athlete accepts the offer.

The fun part about free agency is trying to predict which team each free agent will end up signing with and predicting how well each free agent will fare with the new team. The most talented free agents are the ones that get most of the attention from football fans and the media. When they sign, fans of their new team are excited. But if they don’t perform better than these 8 former NFL free agents, they end up on lists like this.

1. Javon Walker (WR Oakland Raiders 2008)

Oakland took a gamble (what else is new?) on Javon Walker in 2008. They gave him a 6-year, $55 million contract, which was quite high coming off a sub-par 2007 season in Denver. Walker had one of the most inconsistent careers in NFL history. He was great in 2004 and 2006, but basically a non-factor the rest of his 8-year NFL career. Walker played just 11 games in 2 seasons with the Raiders before injuries finally got the best of him. He certainly didn’t live up to his contract. The Raiders paid dearly for this free agent signing mistake.

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