8 Reasons to Avoid Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers at All Cost


Peyton Manning. Legend. Tom Brady. Legend. Aaron Rodgers. Legend. So, why would any fantasy owner want to avoid them at all cost? Well, “at all cost” may be hyperbole. But with Rodgers going early in the first round and Manning and Brady being drafted in the first couple of rounds (Brady’s suspension pending), it is the smart fantasy play to stay away from this future Hall of Famers.

Take a look at our 8 reasons to avoid the three great quarterbacks and decide if our logic is sound or a bunch of hot garbage.

1. No Reason to Draft any Quarterback Early

There used to be less than 12 competent fantasy quarterbacks in the NFL in any given year. For the past decade or so, as the NFL has enforced rules meant to protect quarterbacks and receivers, the league has become more and more of a passing league. Last year, 11 quarterbacks had over 40,000 yards passing and 13 quarterbacks threw for at least 27 touchdowns. So, our argument here is to not only avoid these three quarterbacks, but avoid all of the top quarterbacks. Focus on the other three skill positions early in the draft and take a quarterback late.

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