8 Worst Teams To Play In The Super Bowl

New England Patriots

3. 1985 New England Patriots

Long before Bill Belichick and Tom Brady ruled the roost in Foxboro, the New England Patriots put a couple of teams in the Super Bowl that should have stayed home. Although the 1996 Patriots squad receives votes for being one of the 8 worst teams to play in the Super Bowl, the 1985 teams takes home the prize as the worst New England team to make it to the big game. With a porous defense and almost non-existent running game, the 1985 Patriots somehow beat the heavily favored Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. Super Bowl 20 was supposed be a revenge game for the Bears, as Miami represented the only blemish on the Bears regular season record. Instead, the Patriots showed up and laid down in one of the worst super Bowl debacles ever.

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