8 Worst Teams To Play In The Super Bowl



4. 2000 New York Giants

As a team built around a stifling defense, the 2000 New York Giants held opponents to less than 16 points per game and under 1,200 yards rushing for the season. So, why does the 2002 New York Giants merit mention on the 8 worst teams to play in the Super Bowl list?
Kerry Collins.

The enigmatic Collins was both brilliant and horrible during the regular season, sometimes switching roles multiple times during the same game. Baltimore exposed Collins for the poor decision-making by blistering the Giants in Super Bowl 35. Collins never had a chance against one of the best defenses in NFL history, as the only points earned by the Giants came on a 97-yard kickoff return. By mustering only 152 yards of total offense, the 2000 New York giants deserve a spot on the 8 worst teams to play in the Super bowl list.

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