9 Best Head Coaches in NFL History

bill parcells

Listing the 9 best head coaches in NFL history requires some standard ranking criteria that almost everyone should agree separate the very good head coaches from the league’s coaching immortals. The number of championships won plays a huge role, with the word “multiple” a vital part of the resumes of each coach that made the following list. Sorry, Bud Grant and Chuck Knox, multiple means more than one, which is a number you never achieved, despite your glorious winning records.

Won and loss records also play a significant factor in gleaning the list of the 9 best head coaches in NFL history. Number of wins matters, as the number not only signals coaching success, it also demonstrates coaching longevity. Lasting more than five years in the NFL-during any era-is nothing short of miraculous. Statistics help us objectively cull the list of NFL head coaches, but separates the 9 best coaches in NFL history from the rest of the pack?

Each of the men listed below made an indelible impact on the National Football League.

9. Bill Parcells

Parcells established a lofty perch in NFL coaching lore by forming one of the most devastating defenses ever to line up on an NFL field. The innovative defensive mind utilized the speed and power of Lawrence Taylor to create an unstoppably pass rushing force that disrupted the offensive schemes of some the league’s brightest offensive minds (Ask Bill Walsh). With two Super Bowl Championships and almost 190 overall wins, Parcells won enough to make the list of the 9 best head coaches in NFL history. It’s the intangibles that make Parcells standout, such as leading an NFL coaching tree that includes Bill Belichick and Sean Payton.

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