9 Best NFL Free Agents of All-Time

Tulane Public Relations / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Tulane Public Relations / CC-BY-SA-2.0

There are two parts to the NFL off-season that are of interest to the fans. The first part is the NFL Draft, which is where we all get to predict where our favorite college football stars will end up and how well they will fare in the NFL. The second part is free agency. During free agency, teams are given an opportunity to place bids on current free agents in an attempt to improve the team.

Free agent signings are often criticized either because the fans don’t think the athlete is any good or because they feel the price was too high. In the end, all that really matters is how well the free agent performs for his new team. Some of these 9 players had their doubters after signing a free agent contract, but they all ended up making the fans happy in the end.

1. Drew Brees (QB New Orleans Saints 2006)

The San Diego Chargers never felt Drew Brees was a franchise quarterback for some strange reason. The New Orleans Saints certainly aren’t complaining. Brees signed a free agent deal with New Orleans in 2006 and has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL ever since. He guided the Saints to a Super Bowl title and has consistently thrown for more than 4,000 yards each season. He’s a surefire first ballot Hall of Fame inductee someday. Brees has 43,685 yards in his 9-year career with the New Orleans Saints.

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