9 Best Sports Franchises



Nearly every professional sports franchise has its great seasons, average seasons, and mediocre seasons. But there are certain franchises that have more sustainability than others. For example, the Kansas City Royals are your defending American League Champions, but does anyone consider the Royals a top sports franchise? Absolutely not. However, the following 9 franchises have, despite the occasional down year or two, enjoyed more success than the competition over time.

1. New York Yankees

It’s hard to argue #1. The New York Yankees have 27 World Series trophies, and have consistently made the playoffs more than any other pro sports franchise. Even in down years such as 2013 and 2014, the Yankees still finished with a record above .500. The Yankees down years are better than some team’s up years. New York is a consistent winner thanks to an endless supply of money, a commitment to winning from ownership, and legendary superstars such as Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. The Yankees have always been the gold standard of excellence in Major League Baseball.

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