9 Greatest Super Bowl Winning Teams




8. 1986 New York Giants

Things didn’t look good for the Giants at the start of the 1986 season. Holdout star running back Joe Morris signed just four hours before the opener against the Cowboys, which the Giants lost. Phil Simms didn’t have top wide out Lionel Manuel for most of the season due to injuries. As with the Bears a year earlier, the Giants put one of the greatest defenses ever on the field for Super Bowl 21. Behind outside linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s 20 1/2 sacks, the G-Men dominated opponents throughout the 1986 season. The 1986 Giants crushed the 49ers and Redskins in the NFC playoffs, holding both teams to a combined three points. Super Bowl 21 MVP Phil Simms completed 88 percent of his passes to lead the Giants past Denver 39-20.

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