9 Greatest Super Bowl Winning Teams




2. 1985 Chicago Bears

A loss to Marino and the Dolphins on Monday Night Football prevented the Bears from achieving NFL immortality. The 85 Bears fielded the best defense ever to line up in the NFL. During the playoffs, the Bears defense didn’t allow the Rams or Giants to score any points. With Walter Payton churning out large chinks of yardage and Jim McMahon providing the aerial assault, the 1985 Bears may be the greatest team to win a Super Bowl. Alas, the one loss precludes the mighty Bears from the number one spot. After blasting the outmanned Patriots 46-10, New England offensive lineman Ron Wooten said, “Before the end, it kind of felt like we were the team that the Globetrotters play all the time.” That pretty sums up the 1985 Bears.

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