9 Greatest Super Bowl Winning Teams

Miami Dolphins

1. 1972 Miami Dolphins

There’s a reason why members from the 1972 Dolphins gather whenever a NFL team closes in on a season of perfection. No other NFL team has ever gone undefeated. This alone places the Dolphins at the top of the 9 greatest Super Bowl winning teams list. The slash and pound running game that featured three different backs gave quarterback Bob Griese the flexibility to audible out of run plays into play action pass plays. The bruising Dolphins defense stopped the Steelers in AFC championship, as well as the Washington Redskins during Super Bowl 7. Some cynics point to the soft schedule Miami played and the fact that the 1972 Dolphins squeaked by their playoff opponents. However, the 1972 team had 10 Pro Bowlers and won their games by an average of 15 points. By overcoming the pressure to make history in Super Bowl 7, the 1972 Miami Dolphins deserve to be called the greatest Super Bowl winning team in NFL history.

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