9 Players to Avoid in Your Fantasy Football Draft


The players on this list all have the potential to put up respectable fantasy football numbers. Tim Tebow and Trent Richardson are not on this list. It’s obvious you should avoid drafting players who everybody know have no fantasy value.

Our list contains players who are expected to put up starter-level fantasy, some even first-round value, who we feel will be unable to live up to expectations and draft position.

Check out who we think you should avoid in your fantasy football draft and decide if you agree.

9. Aaron Rodgers

Why would anyone want to avoid the best player in all of football? The answer has little to do with the player himself and more to do with the fact that the NFL has become a passing league. There are simply more than enough quality quarterbacks in the league. The difference between the Rodgers, or the other top quarterback Andrew Luck, and the 5th best or the 12th best quarterback in fantasy value is not great enough to justify the difference in draft position. Rodgers will undoubtedly lead one of the best offenses in football, but with a solid run game and a defense that is on the rise, how many games will Rodgers and the offense take the foot off the gas? Go with a better valued QB later in the draft.

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