9 Worst Head Coaches in NFL History

marty mornhinweg

It takes a lot to get a spot on the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history list. After all, the number of worst head coach candidates far exceeds the number of candidates qualified to earn recognition as one of the best coaches in NFL history. The criteria to be called one of the worst is also longer than the criteria used to name the best NFL coaches of all time. Think about the possibilities. One of the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history could have screwed up a successful franchise, diminished the talents of perennial Pro Bowl players, and found enough ways to blow myriad fourth quarter leads.

Our list of the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history does not include Buddy Ryan, Wade Phillips, Bill Arnsparger, or Dave Campo. The list is also bereft of Steve Spagnuolo, Gregg Williams, Joe Bugel, and Dick Jauron. Maybe we should have added a few slots to the list to make sure everyone qualified got their names enshrined with this dubious honor.

Without further adieu, here are the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history (and why they sucked).

1. Marty Mornhinweg

The Detroit Lions could have two names on this list. After all, Wayne Fontes ran Barry Sanders into retirement. Alas, only one spot is open for the Lion and it goes hands down to Mornhinweg. The tandem of General Manager Matt Millen and Mornhinweg made Moe and Curly proud. Mornhinweg amassed five wins and 27 losses during his brief career with the Lions. Poor play calling and shoddy draft choices doomed one of the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history from the start. That and the incredibly inept decision to kick off to start overtime.

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