8 Reasons to Avoid Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers at All Cost

Peyton Manning. Legend. Tom Brady. Legend. Aaron Rodgers. Legend. So, why would any fantasy owner want to avoid them at all cost? Well, “at all cost” may be hyperbole. But with Rodgers going early in the first round and Manning and Brady being drafted in the first couple of rounds (Brady’s suspension pending), it is the smart fantasy play to ...

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9 Players to Avoid in Your Fantasy Football Draft

The players on this list all have the potential to put up respectable fantasy football numbers. Tim Tebow and Trent Richardson are not on this list. It’s obvious you should avoid drafting players who everybody know have no fantasy value. Our list contains players who are expected to put up starter-level fantasy, some even first-round value, who we feel will ...

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11 Best Fantasy Football Sleepers

Should you take Jamaal Charles, Eddy Lacy, Adrian Peterson, or Le’Veon Bell first overall? Who cares? They are all fantastic players who, if they stay healthy, will all put up huge numbers. The only wrong answer is spending too much time trying to figure out which one to take. Pick a name out of a hat and get it over ...

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