9 Worst Head Coaches in NFL History

It takes a lot to get a spot on the 9 worst head coaches in NFL history list. After all, the number of worst head coach candidates far exceeds the number of candidates qualified to earn recognition as one of the best coaches in NFL history. The criteria to be called one of the worst is also longer than the ...

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8 Worst Teams To Play In The Super Bowl

After Super Bowl 49, 98 NFL teams have participated in the biggest game of any professional sport. Ninety-eight teams sit at the top of the NFL pantheon as the greatest teams in league history. What if that’s not true? The 98 teams that played on the world’ biggest stage may not be the best 98 teams that the NFL produced ...

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8 Biggest NFL Free Agent Busts

Do you like to gamble? If so, you just might enjoy being a General Manager of an NFL team. Gambling is what GM’s do during the off-season. They gamble when selecting draft picks, and they gamble just as much during free agency. Free agency is the time where teams scout active NFL players that aren’t currently under contract and decide ...

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